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Fast and easy weight loss?
I'm 5'1 and weigh 115 pounds. I'm a little chunky but not huge. My goal weight is 98 pounds. What is a easy and quick way to loose that weight? Around 20 pounds thanks

Why is my mom not supporting of my weight loss?
I'm 14 and I know that I haven't ever been overweight, but I've never been happy with my body and how I look like all teens. Around Spring break I got on the scale and found I was at 150 lbs...a bit of a shock for me. So I started eating healthier and working out more, and I've lost around 11 lbs so far I feel so much better and I'm proud of myself, but my mother just criticizes me. She says I'm &quot too skinny&quot and I need to &quot stop losing weight&quot ....but I still want to fit in a bikini this summer and would like to lose another 5 pounds at least. She's overweight and I think she might be jealous? It's making me feel bad for losing weight, and she constantly makes comments about me being anorexic or something What should I do?Edit I'm 5' 9&quot , so I know I'm not underweight and I won't be.my bmi is 20.5, which is perfectly healthy, so no I am most certainly not underweight. Just saying.

hallu forte

Seeking motivation for weight loss?
I wouldn't say that I was a really big girl however not the smallest either, I'm currently a size 12 14 and 5ft 8 weighing around 12 stone Which I feel for myself is way to much. In the past year I have attempted diets and generally cutting crap out but it lasts no longer than a week. I need some motivation ASAP and any helpful tips or recipes are highly appreciated

Can anemia be cured by weight loss?
I'm 15 years old, 5ft 2 inch and I am anemic, but I am also overweight I have checked my BMI. I weigh 64kgs but I want to weigh 50kgs, but my family says I shouldn't really diet and eat less because I am anemic and I must eat a lot of ion and vitamin D, but I want to do both, cure my anemia and lose weight at the same time, so please tell me the best possible way to do this.Btw I do take ion and vitamin D tablets but still, its not creating a fast effect, I still need to consume foods with ion and vitamin D, but I don't want to gain weight.Thanks x Much appreciated &lt 3

Im looking for a weight loss shredder supplement and Im not sure how to find the right one.?

I need a fast, healthy weight loss program?
So recently I have decided to be reasonable about my weight loss. I'm 14, 5&quot 5 172 cm and 185 lbs 84 kgs . I know I sound obese but I'm not. I'm really fit but I'm still super self conscious about my weight and size. I'm looking for a workout plan that focuses on my legs and stomach and a diet that is productive as well as simple. I kinda set myself a goal of 3 months to lose 66 lbs 30 kgs so around 22 lbs 10 kgs a month. Is that healthy? Please please please help me with this, I would seriously appreciate it. Thanks x

Why is my weight loss so slow?
I'm 16, 5'2 and and as of now weigh about 142 lbs. My starting weight was around 156 lbs. I've been on a &quot diet&quot for the past 5 6 months and only lost about 13 lbs. Is this a slow or healthy weight loss progression? My goal weight is to be about 120 lbs. I'm on a &quot low carb&quot diet so I only consume about 25g of carbs a day. I eat around 1000 calories a day, or try too because ever since I cut out carbs, my appetite has decreased a lot. I also exercise for about 30 60 minutes 3 times a week walking, dancing, some cardio, soccer, sit ups, jumping jacks, etc Am I doing this diet thing right?

Is using a weight loss product a healthier choice?
Check out please

Help with weight loss!?
I need to lose 30 pounds in 50 days. I have my best friends wedding, I am in it and want to feel and look good. I know it is unhealthy but I need to do this so if anyone has any tips that helped them lose weight quickly it would be much appreciated I weigh 174 lbs and am 5'6&quot if that helps.

Is this healthy to eat for weight loss?
breakfast oatmeallunch protein shakedinner bean casserole and asparagussnack grapesis this healthy to eat for weight loss?

Will this help my weight loss?
So basically I am going on holiday in around 18 days. I am 5ft 7&quot and weigh 183 pounds after losing a stone since Christmas.I was wondering if I diet hard between now an going on holiday and follow the following exercise plan, will I lose more weight and tone my arms and tummy? All feedback is appreciatedEveryday Stationary Bike 30 minsPush ups 15 minsSit ups 15 minsCrunches 10 mins

If any one know a good weight loss diet supplement than write here..?
I'm looking for a good weight loss diet supplement if any one know than write here.

Best fastest and cheap weight loss shakes?
I've tried slimming world and weight watchers I just don't get on with them. I'm looking for a cheap fastest weight loss shakes I've been told about VI shape they had lost 1.5 stone.in three weeks But it's 70 pound I'm getting married in 10 weeks and its fine I can have my dress fitted for when I lose weight. I'm 17 St atm s daises 20 wanting to get as slim as I can I'm joining the gym but want to lose weight as quick as possible I know I should have done summit months ago I want to try shakes but whitch ones? What ones have you used and how much weight did u loose each week??Thanks everyone

Why does Weight Loss have to be so hard?
Any suggestions how to lose weight by dieting in a healthy way by still eating sort of what i want. As Well as feeding my family what they want. I got exercise covered just need to push my self more. Any supplements that make weight loss easier and faster without costing a fortune and risking my health. Suggestions please


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